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Rose! we've missed you too haha. Meghanne has been online a little bit, but truthfully we've all been really busy. She finally got her nice wedding to Ben on August 10th, God it was hell planning that. If I ever get married again I'm doing it Vegas style. In a week they get their honeymoon, and in January they are finally moving up here. Well, here or Buffalo.. which would be considerably close to you I think. Heres a pic I have from the wedding... they made the mistake of letting Ben's hairdresser do the photography, and every single one of the fuckers is blurry, out of focus, or something. They just had some professional ones taken so hoping I can get my hands on some of those :) The only not blurry one and ben had his tounge out and Meg eyes closed so I'll just let you see the dress that took her 30 minutes to get into lol.

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